Based on the research gathered some low and high fidelity wireframes were produced in order to try and reach the number of objectives set based on the primary persona.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

These wireframes are developed in Adobe Photoshop to give the initial ideas on where every item is to be located on the webpage.

The low-fidelity wireframe document can be downloaded and should be accessible if you have Adobe Photoshop. (Has been tested on Photoshop CS6 and above)


Each page can be viewed through Layer Comps and sections are grouped together and labelled to understand what each section is expected to do.

High Fidelity Wireframe

The high fidelity wireframes are also designed within Adobe Photoshop using the Low Fidelity wireframes as a framework. Adding dummy content to the page designs to give a good idea on how the design is supposed to look.