What the net says

Key stats from Google and Qunatcast relating to Mobile Phone shopping. (Stats are relevant as of 2013)

  • 35% of shoppers want the latest technology
  • 33% of users choose a phone first before they choose a tariff
  • 66% of users compare for 2 or more phones when investigating
  • 80% of users investigate at least 4 different sources
  • 33% of users use their mobile within a shop to investigate new phones
  • 1 in 5 watch a video about a mobile phone before purchasing
  • 79% of users who saw a video advertisement about a phone, investigate that phone
  • 4 in 10 go to a shop to check out the same phone
  • 61% of user buy a phone in the shop and only 35% buy them online
  • 41% of users use their mobiles for investigating new phones