As a result of the research gathered the following objectives have been set within the design.

Provide the right amount of information in the correct locations

It’s pretty clear that despite the ability to be able to purchase mobile phones and contracts on the internet that a vast majority of users use the site as an information portal rather than ecommerce. Based on discussions with some users this is because they like to touch and experiment with the phone before a final decision is made.

The ecommerce site however can provide the ability to considerably filter and focus on the choices available. This is an absolute minimum objective.

Phone Comparison

Most users like to be able to compare phones before making a decision due to the large number of decisions out there. The ability to compare a number of phones on the website is essential for a user to make an inform decision

Contract / Phone Filtering

As there are a vast number of phones to choose from the ability to filter and sort these phones based on specific features that the phones have will help the user to quickly narrow down their choices allowing them to focus on a few items to aid in their decision making process.

Key Features Display

The ability to see essential information about the mobile phone at an early stage would aid in the decision making process without having to delve into the full list of information about the phone. Information such as Operating System, battery life should be listed at an early stage.

Video Advertisment

This will aid in the sales of a specific phone, especially brand new ones, with the ability to access the full phone details direct from the video advertisment, this could shorten the user journey considerably.

Tariffs or Mobile Phone

Whether to choose the mobile phone or tariff first, from the user perspective is a straight forward answer of tariff. However due to the complexity of costs for different phones and different tariffs this answer is anything but straight forward as the lack of clarity on final cost may proove to be a frustrating one for the user.

Find local branch

If the user is likely to want to purchase a phone at a shop rather than online, having the option to locate your local store may proove to be really useful when attempting to keep that potential customers interest in your company.